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Software for Race Promoters

MylapsTrackside is the preferred software for Amateur Motocross in North America.  Exclusively for use with the Mylaps MX transponder timing system, the software is used at all amateur national events.

Take a look at the screens from the software below and see how easy it is to manage your race entries and results.

  Manage Your Data

MylapsTrackside Software is specifically designed to fit the format of amateur motocross.  From signing racers into an event to setting up a race order to printing reports to maintaining a racer database along with maintaining race results and series points, you will wonder how you ever had a race without MylapsTrackside Software.

Mylaps MX Transponders

MylapsTrackside Software works exclusively with the Mylaps MX transponders and Mylaps decoder. When transponders scoring is being used, you can show live race results to your announcer or show results on TV monitors or on the web.  No matter what race conditions are presented on race day, the transponders ensure your scoring will be immediate and accurate.

                     Buy Now

To purchase a license for Mylaps Trackside, please call us at 724-228-7998 or send an email for a call back. 

License is non-transferable and non-refundable.


You can download MylapsTrackside from the web and have it up and running the same day you purchase a license. The link to download is passed on to you after the purchase is complete.  The software is capable of running on all versions of Windows.


Mylaps works closely with AMA and has features programmed into Trackside specifially to assist race promoters in sending data back to AMA's results and points management system.  Use a card swiper to collect data from the AMA card and sign racer into the software.

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