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MYLAPS Trackside Software

The newest version of motocross software is the MYLAPS Trackside Software designed to work directly with the MYLAPS transponder hardware.   The software will allow promoters to use Trackside to communicate with their scoring system.  With MYLAPS Trackside, you can be certain to get instant accurate race results.

Trackside was designed and developed by Impact Software Group to help race promoters better organize their race events.  Trackside screens are set up so that they flow with the order of actions taking place at a race event.  Impact has spent many hours at race tracks across the United States to develop this program.  The program was written by professional programmers.  It is by far the best motocross program available and has become the standard software for the industry.  Here is a list of some of the tracks currently using Trackside.

Did you know:
that over 97% of all motocross tracks in the United States use Trackside Software?

Basically, if you understand how to put on a race and you know a little about how to use Windows, you will be excited about how easy it is to use Trackside. 

Below is an example of the tab pages, which make up Trackside. You can click on the tab to take the tour of the screens.
If you have any questions after you take a tour of the Trackside screens, please visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or e-mail your questions to us.  Also, be sure to check out the advantages of using Trackside and see the list of reports that you can create in Trackside.  

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